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Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker


He teamed up with Jackie Chan for the hilarious Rush Hour and its sequel, making him part of one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood history.

Chris Tucker Quote

"I wanted to cut down on the profanity, because I think I'm funnier without sayin' a lot of cuss words., on whether he felt limited by Rush Hour's PG-13 rating."


A great sense of humor ranks high among many women's lists of "partner criteria." It should therefore come as no surprise that Tucker would be any woman's dream. And whatever he lacks in humor, he makes up for in riches, a slick wardrobe and, yes, we'll admit it, good looks (at least according to our female panel members). Come to think of it, he has everything women are looking for... lucky guy.


Considering nearly everyone knows his name and he likely can't go anywhere without getting mobbed, one would think that he's a seasoned veteran with 30 or so films under his belt. 

But although he has a considerable resume, including 1995'sFriday and 1997's Jackie Brown, the Rush Hour franchise is really his only claim to fame (that, and a cameo on Michael Jackson'sInvincible album and the video for "You Rock My World," though these may have been a curse more than anything else). 

During a three-year hiatus in between films, Tucker was virtually out of the spotlight, prompting many to label his career "over." (For the record, he has been busy with various projects, even opening up a comedy club in Atlanta). But upon reprising his role in the 2001 Rush Hour sequel, he was right back at the top, and even more so. 

There are very few stars that can command an A-list salary after just two major pictures, but he has achieved it. And for that, he has nothing but our utmost respect.


Chris TuckerChris Tucker was born in Atlanta, Georgia on August 31, 1972. His parents, Norris and Mary, had six children, of which Chris was the youngest (he has three brothers and two sisters). 

Chris was always a fan of acting and comedy, and his teachers even encouraged him to take his humor to the stage. And so, following graduation, he decided to pursue stand-up professionally. He left Atlanta for Los Angeles and began working the comedy clubs, where he became a regular. 

tucker made us "def"

As word got out about this up and coming comedian, Tucker was eventually selected to participate in Russell Simmons' Def Comedy All-Star Jam on HBO, in 1992. The success of that performance landed Tucker his first acting gig, playing Johnny Booze in House Party 3

Film roles continued to roll in. Following his role in 1995's Dead Presidents, in which he acted out a memorable death scene, Tucker appeared alongside Bruce Willis in 1997's The Fifth Element, portraying an eccentric 23rd century talk show host. 

Chris Tucker remained consistently employed as his star power began to rise; he also appeared in 1997's Money Talks and Tarantino's Jackie Brown, in which he was cast in the supporting role of Beaumont Livingston. 

the right hour for chris

But Tucker elevated himself to superstar status following the blockbuster success of Rush Hour, starring as the LAPD's Detective James Carter opposite Jackie Chan. The 1998 action-comedy set a then-record for the biggest September opening of all-time. The film won Tucker an MTV Movie Award in 1999 for best on-screen duo (along with Jackie Chan), and made Chris Tucker a household name. 

Over the next three years, Chris maintained a low profile but returned with a bang in 2001 with a sequel to Rush Hour. Again, the film broke box office records and was a critical favorite, making Tucker the next $20 million man. 

When he isn't shooting movies, Tucker plays the role of loving father (to son Chris Tucker Jr.), and activist for charitable causes. He even went to Africa with Bono and U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neill, as can be seen on MTV's "Diary of Bono and Chris Tucker: Aiding Africa." 

driving to success

Tucker is currently busy working on Mr. President, a concert film based on his stand-up act. There is even talk that he may star in the MGM remake of The Pink Panther. But what's certain is that both Tucker and Chan are set to star in Rush Hour 3, which is slated for a 2004 release.


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